Saturday, August 30, 2014

Truth & Oblivion - A Disturbance in the Force

*props to Star Wars fans, George Lucas, and everyone else that has made the term Jedi a household word. unless and until we can get permission, this one won't be on any T&O swag. sorry guys.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Truth & Oblivion - Mormons

Here's one of my favorites. It doesn't seem popular in Utah for some reason.

Truth & Oblivion - Restraining Order

Hey everyone. this new blog is here b/c several ppl have expressed interest in reading the old Truth and Oblivion comic, and a few have asked for new installments. We'll be posting as time allows, hopefully two per week (one old, one new), or at least one of the old ones. they'll be put together in a chapbook in the near future as well. Here's one of the first, to tide you over.

Truth & Oblivion